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["Might be sending the wrong message, mate," John tells him. "Seriously." But Sherlock has been sending the wrong message for years now, so is one more going to make the difference? (Not really.) Besides, he's better aware of what he's doing this time: he has a historical reference book to guide him (The Secret Language of Flowers, 2015) (4.5 stars on Amazon). He's being very judicious about the kinds of plants he's writing down. A small arrangement is made up of ten (10) stems, apparently, and that's the number he has to work with. Simple enough.

So when Molly Hooper opens the door for him--and he's quickly angling his foot so she can't slam it shut on him--unless she wants to inflict injury upon his toes--in which case, he wouldn't blame her--anyway, when she opens the door, she'll be greeted with Sherlock's bouquet of flowers. Alphabetically sorted: blue hyacinths, hosta leaves, and purple irises. The ensemble is meant to represent affection. But not too much affection. In theory. Maybe she'll feel better if he tells her how long it took him to put this message together.]

I can explain, [he says, his voice rising preemptively.] Molly, I know that you've been waiting for me to explain, so that's why you're not going to close the door on me now. [Sometimes, predicting the future is all about sheer force of will.]
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Character: Sherlock Holmes.

Canon: Sherlock (BBC), compliant through series 3/Christmas special. Timeline variable upon request, whenever it makes sense, etc.

Sexuality: What use are labels? He doesn't care. He's voluntarily abstinent, even repressed.

Memes, museboxes, private plots: Yes.

Backtagging: Maybe.

Threadjacking: Yes.

Fourthwalling: To be met with Sherlock's disbelief and confusion.

Content: No boundaries in particular. Just don't be obnoxious, please.

Other: If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line here.


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